Nat Moss
    skin care
Eyelash Extensions
Cluster flares last up to 2 weeks. Individual extensions last up to 6 weeks. Choice of silk or cashmere lashes. Formaldehyde-free medical grade adhesive.

Brow Tint
Colors your brow hair last up to 2 weeks.

European Facial
This classic relaxing facial is perfect for stressed skin, designed to restore radiance and softness. Relax and look your best. Exfoliation aids in a deeper more effective absorption of serums, treatments and moisturizers. A relaxing massage of face neck & decollete and nourishing mask leaves skin soft, moisturized and protected from external stress factors. Not recommended for acne/rosacea clients.

Anti-Ageing Facial
Expertly designed anti-ageing treatment for skin lacking vitality and firmness. Packed with anti-oxidants and vitamins to stimulate collagen production and increase the skin's elasticity. Diminish signs of ageing and restore skin’s radiance and vitality while enjoying a relaxing massage of the decollete & shoulders. Protect skin with finishing touches of vitamin serum and broad-spectrum moisturizer.

Corrective Acne Facial
Facial for acne-prone, problem skin combines exfoliation with extractions, and blemish control face mask to help slow down oil and gland activity and to dissolve dead cells. Anti-bacterial and disinfecting to boost circulation and to help kick-start the skin’s natural healing process. Perfect for adults and teens.

Rejuvenating Facial
A deep exfoliating treatment to promote healthy skin, benefiting your daily skincare regime. Revitalize your skin with one of our gentle skin-friendly peels. Address many skin conditions without the discomfort and downtime associated with traditional chemical peels. The end result is smooth, glowing and healthy skin. Ideal for up-keep between more targeted facials.

Express Facial
Specially designed for men and women on the go for an instant burst of luminosity. Focusing on gentle exfoliation to power away impurities, followed by a custom mask and a relaxing head massage. A quick booster to instantly revive the skin.

Chemical Peel
Rapidly exfoliates skin cells to clarify the complexion, improve elasticity and firmness as well as reduce the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Best results are seen 48hrs after the treatment, leaving you looking glowing and radiant.

Ultrasonic Treatment
Ultrasonic resurfacing to achieve double power deep cleansing for radiance and exfoliation. Use of ultrasound recreates the lifted youthfulness and firmness of your face by diminishing signs of ageing, restoring skin’s radiance and vitality. Cellular renewal is accelerated, after the initial 24-48hr dead skin shedding period, to reveal a more youthful and radiant glow. A gentle peel to restore your complexion’s luminosity. No downtime. Best results are seen up to 48hrs after the treatment, leaving you looking glowing and radiant.

Diamond Microdermabrasion Treatment
Diamond tip ensures a comfortable treatment without the downtime associated with other crystal microdermabrasion treatments. Combined with gentle yet powerful peel tired and aged surface skin layers are gently resurfaced which enables increased skin regeneration and can dramatically improve surface skin texture and appearance. Helps fade skin imperfections and pigmentation. Preventative against premature ageing. Regulates excess sebum secretions for oily skin types. Available to all skin types regardless of sensitivity levels.

Head & Decollete Aromatherapy Treatment
Aroma-therapeutic treatment relaxes stressed muscles of the face, neck, shoulders and decollete areas while introducing facial acupressure points.

Deluxe Eye Treatment
Transforms tired eyes into rejuvenated bright eyes with revitalizing combination of nourishing, hydrating ingredients.

Deluxe Lip Treatment
Exfoliates lips for smooth feeling and deeper absorption of nourishing, hydrating ingredients.